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Todd Goodman Art

Brothers of Another Mother

Brothers of Another Mother

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Original art by Todd Goodman, mixed media painting on 48"x36" canvas. Prints are available as Gallery Wrapped Canvas and Posters. 

Another painting in my continuing series on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this painting is another play on the theme of flag colors. I've switched out the colors of both flags for the other's colors, and there are little splashes of their original colors within each of the flag designs. For example, there are little flashes of blue throughout the red, black and green of the Israeli flag, and vice versa within the blue of the Palestinian flag. Essentially, the idea here is that both sides will one day recognize themselves within each other, and recognize the fact that they are truly brothers from another's mother, as the Biblical story clearly says that the Jews and Arabs/Palestinians are both descendants of the prophet Abraham, through different mother's.

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