Artist Roots - Have Fun While You're Here!

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic life of music, sports and travel, and tossed up into a healthy salad of global politics and culture, I have created a colorful painting style that's funky but clean, straight but twisted. It's my life in vibrant colors, spaces and forms, which I've called Psychedelic Realism. I approach my art as a personal reflection, facing the world with my senses open, taking life as it comes, available to a world of random chances and opportunities. Every stroke I make is an opportunity to take a risk, a chance to overcome the doubts and fears of what's next and to joyfully be surprised. In life and in art, I like to take it one day at a time, smiling, trying to simply create. Have fun while you're here, because the end might be near!


My original work is held in private collections around the world, including Israel, Argentina, Belgium, and New Zealand, as well as throughout the U.S. One of my most memorable opportunities to create and present an original work of art was for President Jimmy Carter, now held at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library in Decatur, Georgia. Titled "Peace Pavilion", this drawing was inspired by my time as an intern researching armed conflicts in the Middle East and East Africa at the Carter Center's Conflict Resolution Program in 2006, and includes the signatures of the entire class of interns.  



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