Waiting For A Set

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Original art by Todd Goodman, Acrylic Painting on canvas. Prints are available matted on photo paper or framed canvas. Original painting is sold.

I bought my first waterproof Nikon Coolpix back in 2012 or so, shortly before taking the photo that this painting is based on. The Venice Pier was the first place I surfed when I moved to LA. It's been one of my go to spots over the years, particularly to surf during sunset. It's relatively easy to find parking close by, its never too crowded in the water, and I've never experienced the localism that is found at other spots around town. It's not the best wave, but when it's good, it's really fun, and on occasion, if you're brave and lucky, you can catch a wave to shoot the pier, which I've had the honor of doing several times, to the delight and cheers of onlookers above.